Five ways to wear a women's jacket

Five ways to wear a women's jacket

05. 09. 2019, 10:50

With the coming autumn season there are new trends in dressing. But what remains in the wardrobe independently of the current trends is a women's jacket. Must-have every wardrobe that as a symbol of elegance and style never goes out of fashion. And it suits every character. Just cleverly combine it. We have 5 ways for you to put your jacket on, not to step next, and always be chic.

Black and white classic

Just as the mod never comes out of the leather crook, so it has a black jacket. Choose a timeless cut and you can keep it in your closet for years. The easiest way to combine black is to add white. Put on a white t-shirt and black trousers for the black jacket and that's it. You can also choose a white shirt to create an immortal combination that fits every occasion. Just choose the right shoes.

In one color

Do you know what a monochrome outfit is? Dress in one color and you have it. The most popular color in this case is black. But why not turn a bit off the line and choose gray, brown or green? Moreover, in combination with the jacket you will not wear anything else. Maybe shades of brown and yellow go great together and look tasteful and stylish. When combining light and dark tones, you should not forget that light shades are closer to the face and dark shades are the opposite.

Printed T-shirt

Do you like more distinctive T-shirts, but at work you need to look social? You certainly don't have to give up. To wear such a T-shirt, simply wear formal pants, a jacket and that's it. You will look formal and at the same time you will not go with the crowd. Likewise, you can diversify your sports outfit. Put on jeans, a printed T-shirt, a jacket, sneakers and you can go into town.

Yellow is in

Last year it was neon colors in all ways and this year is dominated by yellow. It is full of collections from T-shirts, dresses to jackets. Those in this color look particularly interesting, stylish and especially unusual. So if you are not in a dress code, replace this black jacket to work with yellow. If you prefer simplicity, combine a distinctive jacket with a white upper. White t-shirt or shirt depending on the situation. Choose pants as well. Everyday jeans and black trousers with gold jewelry for a more elegant look.

Dare yourself

Be provocative, sexy and go to a party in a shirtless shirt. More and more celebrities wear this provocative combination. On and off the red carpet. You can either peek out the color-matched bra or you can go without it. This style doesn't fit twice in the office, but you're sure to impress the party.


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